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My name is Zeke Dickerson and I’m 23 years old, I’m one of the creators of this website that basically is a gaming community where you will find all the information, recommendations, and discussion forums and much more about the world of video games.

I’m passionate about video games, so yes, I’m a very competitive gamer. Playing different things has become a hobby for me which I need to enjoy even for a few hours a day to be able to de-stress.

I also study computer science, and thanks to all the knowledge I have received from these two worlds, I made the decision to do something productive with it and create a project from which Mynky was born.

Three years ago the page began with a lot of effort and dedication, and although everything started as an experiment or hobby, the expectations weren’t that high but the desire to do a correct job was the same.

But no doubt the achievements made with this community have surpassed any thought I had at the beginning, far exceeding all the goals that at some point I get to pose mentally.

And all this is thanks to the passionate gamer like me for this very particular and interesting world, which have subscribed to the page and have managed to grow it in an incredible way, which amazes me.

Currently, there is such a large influence on social networks, the internet in particular and technology, that many people have even developed a dependence on it.

And everything is an agglomeration of everything that works as an influence of each one of the things. Because for many years it was even developing social gaming, which were games that you could enjoy through the social network of Facebook like Farmville, Mafia Wars, La Granja, and many other things.

Also, with the development of smart mobile devices such as smartphones, has influenced social gaming because now you can download various games and have them within reach of your phone to distract you, and there are even many that are very addictive like Candy Crush and much more.

And all of this also influences an international business that has been exploited in a good way based on networking and fun. Besides, the creation and innovation of many video games have become a trend nowadays.

Even the technological development in the area of gaming has been so incredible that many now come with a spectacular internal technology; devices that we never thought could be used as armrests or wireless keyboard, in addition to being able to even communicate by the microphone and feel the games in a more real perspective through the VR.