Norther Kentucky – Should They Reconsider Gaming?

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It’s time for the government to take their people, the Kentuckians, under consideration, and reconsider the gaming issue in their political agenda. Have you ever asked yourself why is gaming considered a problem for the politicians of the world?

The answers is simple, they just don’t know how to control the people if nobody is paying attention to them to be part of a totally different community, instead.

A few days ago, the Chamber of Commerce of Norther Kentucky got together with the Metro Chamber of Commerce of Louisville and Greater Louisville Inc., to take part on the matter and find a way to give another chance to this fun activity which it’s growing in popularity every day.

Here, in Mynky, we have a motto, “Family is everything”, and being part of a tight and supportive community it’s like another family to you.

It’s becoming a Financial Issue

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Due to some pension issues, the Government of Kentucky has proposed and filed substantial reductions in the general budget for services, infrastructure, and education, while everyone knows that by allowing gaming to be legal in the city could inject major amounts of money into the system, and make everything better for the people.

But what politicians are not noticing is that, the more they allow gaming to be considered okay in their surroundings, the more money it will be available for the government to improve other things in the country, not just in the Kentucky area.

Gaming Places Are All Over the Place

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Even though there is a casino at every 20-minute ride from home in Norther Kentucky, and the vast majority of people in the entire state, not just in Kentucky are at an astonishing 2-hours ride away from casinos and gaming areas, gaming and gambling are still looked down upon in the whole state.

Almost 85% of the population in the United States of America, lives at 1 or 2 hours away from a major casino installment, people is being forced to drive out of the state to play some games and have some fun in a legal way.

Up To $100 Million A Year

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There is an estimated number of revenue coming from gaming every year, and just in the Northern Kentucky metro area users of casinos and gaming places goes as high as $100 million per year.

If you want to check this information we give you, it’s as easy as counting the license plates from Kentucky you will find in any of these facilities.

Take Advantage of the Tourism in the Area

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There’s no doubt about Kentucky being a very beautiful and touristic place to visit, and if politicians were smart enough to take advantage of all the people visiting the state and not leaving out of it for casinos and gaming places, all that money could be part of the Kentucky government for the people’s benefit.

It is very important to understand the huge impact this has on the people, and how easy it would be to solve it. But politics are not just a game, so this only will happen if everyone comes together to support the same cause. Let’s defend gaming, now.

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