Casual and Competitive – What the Poll says

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Video games have become a sensation among the population, and even a success in the market. With diversity to choose from, all kinds of tastes, which will have the same purpose: to entertain you. But there are many gamers who take the game very seriously, even if it is exclusively about the competition.

This type of gaming is so interesting but at the same time so complex that sometimes it becomes impossible to solve while there are others who focus on casual gaming, just having fun, and having a good time. Our team did a poll to the community and these are the results.

Competitive Games

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Competitive games in people generate a certain adrenaline rush where the only focus is on winning and learning from any mistake to reach the final goal that’s to take you to victory. Even an uncontrollable level of stress is handled, but with which much work much better.

Many consider that the competitive gamers will always enjoy it much more, and you will learn a lot more since the pressure will make you learn much faster until you become an expert and win. That’s why many feel the need to play competitively to download not only adrenaline but to feel that satisfaction of victory when winning; that’s why many don’t enjoy light games.

Casual Games

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Casual games are more de-stressing, free, where you simply focus on enjoying the game and nothing else, without the pressure of having to win to feel satisfied. Without a doubt, it’s the best way in which you can fully enjoy the game.

Some think that the difference between casual and competitive games, like the one of Sea of Thieves, is that it starts off as something light where you start to enjoy it, but as the levels advance you will feel more competitive to defeat another and be able to take the gold. That is to say, that the exciting games, in some way, ends up becoming competitive.

There are people who enjoy casual games because they’re the ones with whom you can meet with your friends to relax and get distracted a bit without some pressure in general; and the desire to be competitive will always be shown when you need to beat someone or something in particular, and being part of a gamers community can be helpful.

Video games can get the best or worst of people; You can get that competitive side of always wanting to win and be the best, or just want to enjoy the moment and not get so wrapped up in the game as such. And if you’re a good gamer, you can enjoy and balance both, the best of both worlds.

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