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We all know 2018 is about to end, and even though last year was a great year for video games, and technology advances, 2019 seems to be coming stomping real hard loaded with magnificent video game titles for us to try and enjoy.

Are you ready to find out which games are the ones that are set to be game-changer this New Year? It’s time to start saving money to buy and try all the new games you’ll see on this list. So, keep reading and let’s find out about them.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

This new sequel to the Ace Combat saga will be released on January 18, to let the whole world experience how a real air fight takes place. Get your jet, learn to drive it, and fire away all the enemies. The game is available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Resident Evil 2

The game will be released on January 25 to enjoy this new delivery of the game, where you will be able to fight for you live in Raccoon City, a town infected with a deathly virus which turns everyone into zombies, this revamp has everything the technological advances from the past 20 years has to offer. The game is available to play on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. It’s a pretty recommended saga to check. Trust us.

Metro Exodus

The release date for this game is February 22, where you will be able to play this post-nuclear war-like game and try to survive a Russian winter fighting against all the radioactive animals and creatures you will find on your journey throughout the city. The game can be played on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Sekiro: Shadows Dies Twice

This game will be available to play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. This new RPG game will bring its own good and bad things with it, as it shows a new world to discover and explore for the next few months while playing a game that will keep you terrified all along.

If you are interested in enjoying any, of all, of these games, get ready to spend some hours in front of the screen, as 2019 starts and it comes stronger than ever.

We all know 2018 is about to end, and even though last year was a great year for video games, 2019 seems to be coming stomping real hard loaded with magnificent video game titles for us to try and enjoy. So, if you are interested in enjoying any, of all, of these games, get ready to spend some hours in front of the screen, as 2019 starts and it comes stronger than ever.

It’s time for the government to take their people, the Kentuckians, under consideration, and reconsider the gaming issue in their political agenda. Have you ever asked yourself why is gaming considered a problem for the politicians of the world?

The answers is simple, they just don’t know how to control the people if nobody is paying attention to them to be part of a totally different community, instead.

A few days ago, the Chamber of Commerce of Norther Kentucky got together with the Metro Chamber of Commerce of Louisville and Greater Louisville Inc., to take part on the matter and find a way to give another chance to this fun activity which it’s growing in popularity every day.

Here, in Mynky, we have a motto, “Family is everything”, and being part of a tight and supportive community it’s like another family to you.

It’s becoming a Financial Issue

calculator and pen - Norther Kentucky - Should They Reconsider Gaming?

Due to some pension issues, the Government of Kentucky has proposed and filed substantial reductions in the general budget for services, infrastructure, and education, while everyone knows that by allowing gaming to be legal in the city could inject major amounts of money into the system, and make everything better for the people.

But what politicians are not noticing is that, the more they allow gaming to be considered okay in their surroundings, the more money it will be available for the government to improve other things in the country, not just in the Kentucky area.

Gaming Places Are All Over the Place

man playing videogame on the floor - Norther Kentucky - Should They Reconsider Gaming?

Even though there is a casino at every 20-minute ride from home in Norther Kentucky, and the vast majority of people in the entire state, not just in Kentucky are at an astonishing 2-hours ride away from casinos and gaming areas, gaming and gambling are still looked down upon in the whole state.

Almost 85% of the population in the United States of America, lives at 1 or 2 hours away from a major casino installment, people is being forced to drive out of the state to play some games and have some fun in a legal way.

Up To $100 Million A Year

papers in graphs - Norther Kentucky - Should They Reconsider Gaming?

There is an estimated number of revenue coming from gaming every year, and just in the Northern Kentucky metro area users of casinos and gaming places goes as high as $100 million per year.

If you want to check this information we give you, it’s as easy as counting the license plates from Kentucky you will find in any of these facilities.

Take Advantage of the Tourism in the Area

kentucky flag - Norther Kentucky - Should They Reconsider Gaming?

There’s no doubt about Kentucky being a very beautiful and touristic place to visit, and if politicians were smart enough to take advantage of all the people visiting the state and not leaving out of it for casinos and gaming places, all that money could be part of the Kentucky government for the people’s benefit.

It is very important to understand the huge impact this has on the people, and how easy it would be to solve it. But politics are not just a game, so this only will happen if everyone comes together to support the same cause. Let’s defend gaming, now.

We all know that, for everything, there’s a good and a bad side. But in this case, everything seems to be good when it comes to gaming and its effects on the people and society in general.

No matter how hard you try to find a negative aspect of this activity besides sleep deprivation, it’s all good, even for the brain development of the consumers as it’s activates some specific parts of the brain. Do you want to know which are the benefits of gaming to society? Let’s find out.

Financial boost

money coins - 5 Benefits of Gaming to Society

The so-called Digital Era started a few decades ago, when computers, and internet where created, and when they both decided to join forces, a new world of information exchange and technology started to grow.

As for today, the transformations the market and all businesses have adopted have become mainly digitalized, and in video games, the revenues are massive, reaching an astounding $20 trillion, which represents almost 25% of the GDP of the planet.

Generates Job Opportunities

adult apple device business code - 5 Benefits of Gaming to Society

Gaming has become one of the best-paid jobs these days, and in countries like South Korea, Japan and more, it has become almost like a luxury job that only celebrities would do. This has generated a lot of job opportunities to all those previously-called “geeks” for spending all their time in front of their computer screens.

With the proliferation of E-Sports tournaments and Leagues around the globe, gaming has given a job not only to the gamers themselves, but to the sponsors, organizers, staff, merchandise sellers, as well.

Builds Sense of Community

photograph of men having conversation seating on chair - 5 Benefits of Gaming to Society

Thanks to the new advances in technology, gaming has become a great way to make friends and meet new people, instead of the isolation everyone claims to be related to the gaming itself.

This is due to all the new platforms that have been created on the past decade, where now you can play your favorite video game being connected to the internet while talking over a microphone with another person playing the same game with you or against you.

And this aspect, joined to the fact that there are millions of online communities devoted to gaming, technology, tips about the video games, and more, just like Minky does, helping the world to know more about the gaming culture that’s growing nowadays.

From now on, it’s important to consider the newer generation and how important they are for the development of the new ways to make business in the world. With all the technologic advances for the future lying around in their brains, it would be crazy not to listen to them when it comes to how the world is running today.